Aromatherapy Pod Accessory Pack

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Our Aromatherapy Pod Accessory Pack includes all three accessories to our Aromatherapy Pods.  These accessories are our Shower Rig, Pod Carrier, and Pod Stand.  These accessories help use your aromatherapy pod if you are not wearing it on your Crocs.



SHOWER RIG: Our Shower Rig is designed for our Aromatherapy Pods.  This rig has a registration point for a suction cup at the top and an Aromatherapy Pod registration at the bottom.  Using this rig in your shower will allow steam to catalyze the aroma of the essential oil.  The suction cup can be used in areas other than the shower.  A window in your office or near a common area in your home is a fitting space.

Please insure that the suction cup is appropriately working when using.  If planning to leave in a single place long term, please check on the suction cup every so often to make sure it doesn't need to be reinstalled.

POD CARRIER: Our Pod Carrier is designed to take one of our Aromatherapy Pods on the go.  The Pod Carrier is made from two pieces of laser cut acrylic, 2 bolts, 2 nuts, and a stainless steel screw clasp.  The stainless steel screw clasp can be attached to many objects. 

To lock or unlock the Aromatherapy Pod, unbolt one of the bolts and swing the hinge upward towards the screw clasp. Slide an Aromatherapy Pod into the registration point, swing the hinge back down, and replace the bolt that was unbolted. The Pod Carrier is now ready to go.

POD STAND: Our Pod Stand is designed to elegantly display and use one of our Aromatherapy Pods.  The stand has four rubber feet to help keep the stand in place when inserting an Aromatherapy Pod.  A large registration slot is a the top of the stand for easy use.

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