Aromatherapy Pods 8-Pack

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The TBD Aromatherapy Pod is designed to use essential oils.  The Aromatherapy Pod is constructed from three laser cut pieces of acrylic.  Sandwiched between them is an oil pad that can absorb essential oils.  Applying essential oils through the top of the pod allows this pad to absorb the oils of your choice. Hardware for our Aromatherapy Pods can be inserted into a pair of Crocs or use with our three accessories. 

Aromatherapy can help relieve mental and physical stress through your limbic system.  Our Shower Rig, Pod Carrier, and Pod Stand help you use your Aromatherapy Pod at different times and in different places helping you relieve these stresses.

Please research which essential oils work best for the solutions you are looking for or the aromas you enjoy smelling.  Please use aromatherapy appropriately and research how often you should use your essential oils and Aromatherapy Pods.

This product page is for an 8 pack of Aromatherapy Pods in the color chosen.


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