Halloween Thermoformed Acrylic AF1 (Men Sizing)

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The To Be Determined Halloween Thermoformed Acrylic AF1 is composed of a Nike AF1, acrylic, and #2 - 1/4" screws. Acrylic is laser cut and engraved to fit the panels of the Nike AF1. The acrylic is then formed to the shoe, and screwed in place.

The exterior swooshes have spider web graphics engraved on them.  A spider is engraved directly onto the shoe before the swoosh is installed. The back panel by ones achilles has a pumpkin face laser cut out. The lace charms have a TBD logo engraved on them.  The left shoe will come with four bat lace charms threaded on the shoe laces.  Four more bat charms will accompany the packaging if one would like to put them on the right laces. A blue LED powered tea light candle will come with the shoe to illuminate the panels at night.  The box has been turned inside out and the pumpkin face is also laser cut out of the cardboard.  A clear acrylic backing is glued in place.

The acrylic itself does have sharp corners and edges from being cut into the shapes needed. Please be weary of this while wearing. Screws may loosen with wear and can be tightened as necessary. While tightening the screw, make sure to not over tighten as the screw may lightly poke through the inside.

This product is made to order. Please allow 10-14 business days after the release period has closed to build and ship the Multi Color Thermoformed Acrylic AF1s.

This project has gone through a wear testing period of 120 hours with no breaks. We can not guarantee that the acrylic will not break as the material is not indestructible.  We wore ours throughout two months of continuous wear during installs, shop work, and daily wear with no breaking.  In the event that a piece does break, please hold on to your Authentication Card.

Each pair will come with an Authentication Card.  Your order number will be engraved onto the plaque that will allow us to look up your order.  If at anytime the acrylic breaks, please reach out with your order number and we will ship you replacement parts as soon as possible.  After a part has been replaced once, the buyer will cover any additional replacement pieces for a small fee of $5 ( $30 for a full set). The buyer will also cover shipping of the replacement parts.  You will only be able to receive replacement parts in the color you ordered. 

There are no returns on this product as they are made to order. Please make sure the size chosen are correct. Thank you for your patience. The order will ship with extra #2 screws and #0 - 3" Phillips screw driver. Any questions or concerns please reach out to To Be Determined via email at tbd.inprocess@gmail.com.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Any duties, taxes, fees, or import responsibilities will be the buyers responsibility to pay.

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