TBD Aromatherapy Pod - Croc Builds (Women)

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Our Aromatherapy Pod Croc Builds are available during limited time for our first release period. These builds will be made to order and ship within 10 - 14 business days of the release period closing. These builds will come with a pair of genuine white Crocs in the size chosen with 8 pods, an authentication tag and authentication card.  Included in the studio builds is our Shower Rig, Pod Stand, and Pod Carrier.  The studio builds will have the Pod Carrier installed on the the tote bag packaging the TBD Croc Builds. A .25 fl oz essential oil bottle will also be included that matches the color chosen.

  • GREEN - CHILL PILL (blend)

All pods will come without essential oil on them EXCEPT for one extra pod on the tote packaging.  Please research the best essential oil you would like to use for the solution you are seeking or aroma you enjoy most.  Essential oils can relieve mental and physical stress when used appropriately.  Please test in small amounts and work your way up to an amount you enjoy.

Aromatherapy Pods have an absorbent pad in the middle for the essential oils. These pads have a life span of 3-4 months for normal use. Pods can also be rinsed off with water.  After drying completely, the same essential oil originally used can be used again. Using one pod at a time while wearing your crocs is recommended to ensure longevity before replenishing Aromatherapy Pods. 

There are no returns on this product as they are made to order. Please make sure the size chosen is correct. Thank you for your patience. The order will ship within the 10-14 business day build period after the release period closes. Any questions or concerns please reach out to To Be Determined via email at tbd.inprocess@gmail.com.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Any duties, taxes, fees, or import responsibilities will be the buyers responsibility to pay.

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