TBD Tool Rig AF1

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The To Be Determined Tool Rig AF1 is inspired from tool rigs used by workers who are in the process of making or building.  Tool rigs are intended to hold your tools, hardware, or any other objects that help in the process of building.  The TBD Tool Rig AF1 shows this influence with a functional pocket on the exterior with different storage on the interior.  The interior storage references where drill bits would be harnessed as well as two straps that are intended for miscellaneous tools to be kept. The TBD Tool Rig AF1 has the ability to be strapped on or strapped off with the use of button snaps.  Just as a worker would take their tool rig off in a given context, the user of the TBD Tool Rig AF1 can take theirs off at any given time.  The application of leather on the tongue cannot be removed.

The TBD Tool Rig AF1 is crafted from 4/5 ounce veg tan leather.  This leather is laser engraved and cut to the pattern we created for the Tool Rig.  Burn marks are shown on the edges of the leather from this process.  The leather is then treated with mink oil paste to help prevent water damage and condition the leather.  Rivets and button snaps are nickel plated hardware.

The images of our Tool Rig AF1 wear testers can be found after the image of the box with leather label.  These are worn to insure the build and pattern is designed correctly.  We put over 120+ hours into these wear testers to find any flaws and points that we could improve on.  These photos are for your reference and understanding how the TBD Tool Rig AF1 ages over time.  An interactive scan can be found separately on our menu bar at the top of our page. 

This is a made to order release period from March 4th to March 10th, 2019.  Once the release period has closed we will process all orders and ship out by March 24th or earlier depending on amount of orders received. The purchase of the TBD Tool Rig AF1 includes the base Nike AF1 shoe and tool rigs for both left and right shoe.  There are no returns on any orders for this product.  

Any questions or concerns please reach out to To Be Determined via email at tbd.inprocess@gmail.com.



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