String Light Lace Charms

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The To Be Determined String Light Lace Charms are designed to clip on to flat laces.  They slide onto the lace from the top and stay in place.  They come with one of each color string light in pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.  They are tied in place on a piece of thin plywood for packaging with our logo engraved.

There is an authentication token on this plywood screwed in place.  This authentication token can be unscrewed and screwed into your shoe. This token is to authenticate that these acrylic charms are a TBD product.

The set of five string lights is estimated to cover one single shoe.  Two sets would cover a full pair of shoes comfortably.

Each light bulb is 1" L x .5" W .

There are no returns for this item.

Any questions or concerns please reach out to To Be Determined via email at

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