The acrylic shelving system contains 36 shelves.  These 36 shelves consist of 2 sheets of CNC'ed plywood, (3) 8' x 4' frosted 1/4" acrylic sheets, 58 screws, 216 custom laser cut 1/4" acrylic pieces, 504 bolts and 504 nuts.  These shelves are installed at Shoe Gallery located in downtown Miami.  Acrylic shelves allow the consumer to see the sole of the shoe.  A frosted acrylic sheet creates a soft neutral backdrop for each Nike shoe to stand out.  The use of bolts allows the shelves to be opened for maintenance as well as product presentation enhancements. The application of flamingos was a vision Shoe Gallery wanted that we were able to bring to life.  We created patterns for flamingos and thermoformed their wings.  The thermoforming of their wings created a since of movement while they hang in space.  In total, there are 255 flamingos flying in Shoe Gallery. This is a completed project.