The TBD Thermoformed AF1 was first crafted in July of 2018. It is composed of a Nike AF1, acrylic, and #2 - 1/4" screws.  Acrylic is laser cut and engraved to fit the panels of the Nike AF1.  The acrylic is then heated, formed to the shoe, and screwed in place.
The acrylic itself does have sharp corners and edges from being cut into the shapes needed.  Screws potentially loosen with wear and can be tightened as necessary.  While tightening the screw, it is important to not over tighten as the screw may lightly poke through the inside. Through wear testing we found that the patterns cut are the most durable for longevity. We ran, skated, worked out, worked in the shop, and everything in between for a month before releasing our first pairs. We have not had any pieces break on released pairs thus far, but with the understanding that the material is not indestructible we repair on a situational basis.
These Thermoformed AF1s release during specific release periods and are made to order. Each release period in the past has had slight modifications for improvement. Future release periods will not always be the same as previous builds. This project is in process.